Discover the remarkable journey of Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie and the Setman of prophetic Hill church

Step into the extraordinary world of Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie, a visionary leader and Stateman of prophetic Hill Church. He hails from Adukrom, an industrious community from the nation Ghana in West Africa, his divine calling and spiritual influence have extended far beyond borders, leaving footprints in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Banjul, South Africa, Liberia, and even reaching the United Kingdom and United States of America 

Educational Pursuits and Spiritual Awakening : 
Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s journey began with humble roots, attending Abuakwa State College before pursuing his higher education at Accra Polytechnic and the esteemed University of Ghana, Legon. Little did he know that during his formative years, a profound spiritual awakening would occur, forever changing the course of his life. At the tender age of 13, the young prophet-to-be began receiving messages from God, embarking on a transformative journey that would lead him to become a vessel for divine prophecies.


Distinctive Prophetic Gift:
From that young age, Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie exhibited an anointed prophetic gift, delivering spot-on prophecies to his peers and anyone he encountered. These messages were often accompanied by miraculous manifestations, solidifying the authenticity of his calling and divine connection. The clarity and accuracy of his prophecies soon attracted attention and recognition, setting him on a path of spiritual leadership and guidance.

Global Impact as Conference speaker :
Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s reputation as a profound conference speaker quickly spread across continents. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and events worldwide, where his words have touched the hearts of kings, presidencies, presidents, ministers of state, and countless individuals from diverse backgrounds and societal ranks. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life, offering guidance and hope, has made him a sought-after.

Preaching Jesus to all corners of the world (Acts 1:8) Fearlessly proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ, bringing hope, salvation and revival to the downtrodden.  Beyond the grand stages and prestigious platforms, Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie remains grounded in his calling to spread the Gospel to the remotest corners of the world. He ventures into villages and communities, fearlessly proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and salvation to those who may have felt forgotten or overlooked.

A Devoted Family Man:
A devoted Family Man amidst his huge ministerial responsibilities, the Master Prophet is a devoted family man. He upholds the values of love, care, unity and prayer within his household, serving as a wonderful shepherd to the transformative power of faith within his family unit

Divine Encounters that Define His Calling:
these encounters have forged a deep connection to the divine, enabling him to serve as a conduit for God’s messages of love, healing, awakening and restoration through deep prophetic insights and revelations to nations, individuals and the corridors of power

Join the Journey with Prophetic Hill Church:
Today, Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s ministry stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, drawing souls from all corners of the world to the transformative message of the Gospel. The Prophetic Hill Church, under his visionary leadership, continues to grow and impact lives through its commitment to  raise a people of Fire and to restore destinies via Christ 

Be part of this remarkable prophetic  journey, experience the transformative power of divine messages, and witness the global impact of Master Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s ministry. Together, let us embrace the journey of faith, healing, and spiritual fulfillment in the radiant light of Yehowah.


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