1. Hill Television (Hill TV)

Welcome to Hill TV, the TV ministry  of Prophetic Hill Church. Our investment in media and technology allows us to spread the transformative messages and teachings of Jesus Christ to a broader audience. Through Hill TV, we bring you inspiring sermons, worship experiences, and thought-provoking programs that aim to uplift and enrich your spiritual journey. Our commitment to stewardship extends to utilizing modern media resources to share the timeless truths of the Gospel. Tune in and be blessed as we journey together in faith through the power of media. Hill TV proclaiming Christ

2. Yehowah Bookshop & More:

Welcome to Yehowah Bookshop, a stewardship initiative of Prophetic Hill Church. Explore our curated selection of books, Bibles, devotionals, and spiritual resources that inspire, educate, and transform lives. Discover Prophetic tokens from the Holy Land, such as sacred oils, Jewish communion wine , prayer mantles, and river Jordan water, to deepen your spiritual connection. Every purchase supports our ministry and outreach efforts, spreading hope and empowering individuals on their faith journey. Join us at Yehowah Bookshop and experience the power of faith-filled resources that nurture your soul. Yehowah Bookshop and more , your number one Christian shop for all your spiritual needs . 

3. Lodebar Foundation

The Lodebar Foundation, an essential part of Prophetic Hill Church’s stewardship initiatives, is dedicated to serving the less privileged in our community. Through our investment in this foundation, we offer scholarships to bright but needy students, care for the elderly, support widows and  extend a helping hand to those in need, providing essential services like food, shelter, clothing , and healthcare. 

At the heart of our mission is sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, lifting lives from despair to a place of hope and restoration. The mandate  of the Lodebar Foundation is “Pouring into Others, Revealing Jesus Christ.” Join us as we make a positive impact, transforming lives, and showing the boundless love of Christ to all we encounter 

4. Hills College of Prophecy ( Hills Ministerial College of Education):

Hills College of Prophecy is a testament to Prophetic Hill Church’s dedication to investing in knowledge and nurturing spiritual growth. As part of our stewardship commitment, we established this educational institution to equip individuals with a deep understanding of God’s Word, prophetic insights, and ministry training. Through our investment in education, we aim to raise a generation of knowledgeable and anointed leaders who will impact the world with the light of God’s truth and love :  Hills College of ProphecyBringing a distinction in ministry”

5. The Jesus Agenda :

Welcome to “The Jesus Agenda”  with Prophet Nigel Gaisie . Our passionate outreach and crusades program aims to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth and reach the unreached. Led by Prophet Nigel Gaisie and his  able team  , we bring healing, hope, and transformation to remote villages and underserved communities. Through the Jesus Agenda initiative , we empower lives and sow seeds of lasting impact. Join us in fulfilling the Great Commission and making a difference in the world with the love of Christ. Together, we are “The Jesus Agenda.”

6. Voice of Destiny :

Welcome to “Voice of Destiny” at Prophetic Hill Church – our transformative radio and TV broadcast. For over 15 years, we’ve shared empowering messages and accurate prophesies, impacting lives worldwide. Experience life transformation, divine revelation, and global impact through our anointed ministry. Tune in today and be part of a journey that unlocks destinies and brings hope to the world. Welcome to “Voice of Destiny” raising people of fire,  restoring destines via Jesus Christ : #Yehowah

7.Jabez Cry – Where Prayer Transforms where the profound words of Jeremiah 33:3 comes alive.

Discover the incredible power of prayer at Jabez Cry, our non-denominational online prayer command center uniting believers globally. Whether you’re in need of God’s intervention, seeking a renewed spirit of prayer, or desiring to uplift your spiritual essence, Jabez Cry is your sanctuary.
Join us on this remarkable journey of faith, marked by the unwavering presence of God. #Yehowah.

At Prophetic Hill Church, our investments and stewardship efforts reflect our commitment to expanding God’s Kingdom and meeting the needs of our community. Through each initiative, we strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, using them to impact lives, transform hearts, and bring glory to God. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of faith and stewardship. Together, we can make a difference!

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